My skin is very dry. Will an Essence provide enough hydration?

Our Essence and our Live Duos have proven hydrating properties.

Remember, they should be incorporated into your daily skincare routine and applied before your serum or face cream. They'll give an extra moisturizing boost!

My skin is quite oily. Which product is best for my skin type?

Both our Essence and Live Duos are 100% aqueous formulas, so they're perfect for your skin type as they won't add any oil to your skin.

They also help to balance and purify the skin – another reason why they're good for your skin type!

Simply choose the product that best meets your skin's needs at a given time.

I use a micellar water to cleanse my skin. Can I apply an Essence afterwards?

These are two very different types of products. A micellar water removes make-up and cleanses the skin, so it acts on the surface.

An Essence is a much more complex skincare product, which aims to penetrate the skin so it can deliver a high dose of active ingredients.

It is perfectly possible to use a micellar water, then apply an Essence afterwards.

I find it difficult to apply the Essence by tapping it into the skin with the fingers. Can I apply it with a cotton pad instead?

The ideal – and simple – way to apply the Essence is to pour a few drops into the palm of your hand, then use your fingertips to take a small amount and tap it into the skin of your face. You can then finish by massaging the face with both hands.

If you prefer to use a cotton pad, make sure you still apply the Essence by tapping it into the skin.

I already use a serum and a face cream. When should I apply my Essence?

Apply your Essence before your serum (if you use one), then follow with your face cream. An Essence is the first product you should apply after removing make-up and/or cleansing.

As a general rule, when applying skincare products, you start with the one that has the most fluid texture, and finish with the one that has the thickest texture.

I bought two different Essences that appealed to me. How should I use them? Should I alternate between them?

Apply one Essence in the morning, and the other in the evening. It's not a good idea to apply two Essences at the same time, as our Essences are very rich in active ingredients, and there is a limit to how much you can deliver to your skin in one go.

Are your products really natural?

Yes of course! The percentage of natural ingredients in each formula is indicated on the box. These percentages are calculated in accordance with the official, international ISO 16128 standard, ensuring a precise calculation for each ingredient.

The percentage of natural ingredients in our products is between 95.8% and 99.4%!

I have sensitive eyes. Can I still use your products?

Our products are not designed to be used specifically around the eyes. However, they have been tested to ensure they are safe for the eye area, so you don't have to worry!

Why is the product called an "Essence"? I wasn't familiar with this name.

The name originally comes from Asia, where this product concept (a skincare product with a very fluid texture) was born. We also talk about the very essence of something to mean the epitome of something, its ultimate character.

So the name is very fitting for the Purality Essences, as they contain such a high concentration of active ingredients.

It says on your website that the products are fragrance-free. Do they really not have any scent?

It's true that there are no added fragrances in our formulas.

If they do have any scent, it comes from the raw materials used to make them, which are natural and have very little smell.

The scent of our Essences is very subtle and pleasant, and it disappears when you apply them. 

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