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For us, the new generation of Clean Beauty is green biotechnology. It enables us to take the fusion of nature and science even further, for even greater effectiveness, while being gentle on the skin and the planet. All our formulas adhere fully to the principles of Clean Beauty and meet stringent guidelines. Each one contains at least 95% natural ingredients. Our packaging is eco-designed and recyclable.

We have created a brand that's kind, positive and committed. Our products provide a simple, effortless solution to give people what they're looking for today, while addressing the problems of tomorrow.

Our ambition is to be an

Emblem of Clean Beauty.

For us, that means:

  • Safety: Ingredients that are safe for both you and the planet, with formulas that have undergone safety and effectiveness tests in accordance with European standards.

  • Traceability: Raw materials (active ingredients and packaging) that are sourced mostly from local suppliers (France/Italy) and are 100% recyclable.

  • Sustainability: In order to obtain our key active ingredient, we take stem cells from plants without damaging them in the process. In some cases, we have to find the right balance and choose between synthetic and natural ingredients, based on their human and environmental impact.

  • Ethics: In terms of sourcing and manufacturing conditions, we always follow fair trade and humane principles.

  • Transparency: This is essential if we are to always do our best – not just for you, but for our ecosystems.


the energizing plant that oxygenates cells

Do you know the story of Purality? It began when the brand's founder rediscovered his heritage, and learned that one of his ancestors was a pioneering botanist, fascinated by adaptogenic plants. Almost two centuries later, the idea of harnessing the powers of these plants, which are able to survive in some of the most extreme conditions, became the driving force behind the creation of Purality. What if their ability to adapt to their harsh natural environment could be used to help city skin adapt to a harsh urban environment? The most powerful of these adaptogenic plants is Rhodiola...

Rhodiola is known in the scientific world for its ability to boost energy and stamina, and improve concentration. Its adaptogenic properties help our metabolism to adapt to various stresses by promoting cellular oxygenation. Some people may have heard the story of rhodiola and Russian cosmonauts, who were told to consume it for its energizing properties and to reduce mental fatigue, at a time when metabolisms are under extreme pressure. Back on the ground, it helps athletes to recover more quickly after exertion, and enables extreme mountain climbers to cope better with lower oxygen levels.

It is a very complex plant, with over 140 different compounds. It contains molecules that are specific to the plant, including rosavins (rosavin, rosarin, rosin), which are able to activate the production of four molecules (norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine), essential for brain activity.

In the world of cosmetics, it's valued for its phenolic antioxidants (e.g. proanthocyanidins, quercetin, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid) and flavonoids (venoprotective, soothing or protective). It also contains twelve amino acids (which make up the proteins found in collagen, as well as the peptides that contribute to the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor), twenty minerals (for remineralization), many energizing vitamins, and antioxidant tannins.

This plant grows in cold regions, and is sourced for Purality in the French Alps. When it incorporates Purality's Adapto-biotics patented technology, it provides three key benefits:

  • It energizes the skin by stimulating skin cell functions and regeneration, and boosts cellular respiration.
  • It has antioxidant properties, so it traps free radicals.
  • It gives radiance to the skin through its detoxifying action.

Rhodiola stem cells contain a concentrated version of all the plant's benefits. Our patented technology gives them an additional power by "charging" them with balancing pre and probiotics.

In order to maintain the properties of Rhodiola, Purality uses biotechnology to incorporate the plant's stem cells directly (rather than the processed plant).

These stem cells are then enriched with pre and probiotics, drawing on the patented results of our fundamental research, to create a Super-Rhodiola that acts on the balance of the skin's microbiome in order to enhance the effectiveness of our cosmetic formulas.

A plant that grows in extreme conditions, and has powerful cosmetic properties

Intact stem cells

"Re-energized" and more beautiful skin

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - in each product



This group B vitamin is an essential nutrient that is naturally synthesized in the human body, and offers many cosmetic benefits. It is often called a "beautiful skin ingredient" as it plays a role in all the factors associated with flawless skin. This specific form of Vitamin B3 has been the subject of many studies, which have proven that it is both effective and gentle.

We use niacinamide to:

  • Smooth skin irregularities and reduce redness,
  • Improve skin elasticity and tone,
  • Control sebum production and unwanted shine,
  • Strengthen the skin's barrier function and retain water in tissues (less insensible water loss),
  • Reduce blemishes and pigmentation marks,
  • Comfort damaged skin, especially after UV exposure.

It offers an array of beauty benefits, and delivers results without upsetting the skin.


Sodium PCA plays a major role in the Natural Moisturizing Factor – the skin's built-in hydration system. In addition to helping maintain hydration, it has a softening and smoothing effect, improves suppleness, and strengthens the skin's barrier function. This makes the skin more resistant to environmental aggressors.

We use 100% natural L-PCA, derived from a plant, which is physically identical to the natural sodium PCA in the skin and biocompatible.


Potassium is a mineral that is found in the skin, and particularly in the stratum corneum, and is one of the main components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). It regulates extracellular osmosis, and also plays a role in controlling the flow of water in the skin.

Naturally biocompatible, Potassium PCA works with all skin types. It is known for its ability to hydrate the skin, and also ensures that the skin can perform its barrier function. By meeting the skin's essential needs – hydration and protection – it helps to maintain its integrity, and improves skin comfort and well-being.

Our Potassium PCA is 100% natural and identical to that found in the skin.


This purifying active ingredient acts on the skin's pH levels – and more specifically on its "acid mantle". The term "pH" means "potential hydrogen" and is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The pH of pure water is 7; the pH of caustic soda is over 13; and the pH of our skin is between 5 and 5.5 – which indicates that it is slightly acidic.

This acidity (often referred to as the "acid mantle") defends the skin against the microorganisms to which it is exposed every day. When the skin's pH diverges from its normal acidic level, the skin can become irritated, sensitive, red, etc.

CAPRYLOYL GLYCINE helps to gently restore the skin's beneficial physiological acidic pH, so it can control the spread of bacteria – particularly those responsible for acne – and sebum production. As a result, not only is the skin purified; it's also stronger.


Also known by the name of Provitamin B5, this active ingredient is known for its repairing, soothing, hydrating and regenerating benefits. The properties of panthenol have been well documented, and it has been shown to be gentle on the skin, so it can be used without the worry of reactions.

When panthenol penetrates the skin, it's converted to pantothenic acid. It improves skin hydration, so skin feels softer and more elastic. Panthenol is often used in dermatology to treat skin lesions, as this provitamin stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts (thus promoting skin regeneration) and has a soothing effect.


The microbiome influences our immune system, and we now know that the skin microbiome plays an essential role in helping to repair skin conditions, protect against allergens, minimize oxidative damage, and improve skin hydration and suppleness. However, when this community of bacteria is disturbed, the skin reacts and is weakened.

This active ingredient is derived from the fermentation of lactic acid. We chose it because it has a softening and film-forming effect when it nourishes the microbiome. It also provides good bacteria, vitamins, proteins and minerals – all of which the skin will appreciate.


This form of hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin thanks to its relatively low molecular weight. Sodium hyaluronate is well known by dermatologists, as it's used in fillers that they inject into the skin. It occurs naturally in the human body, but levels go down as we get older. It is perfectly accepted by the skin, and helps to hold in moisture. Just like a sponge, it retains water, ensuring optimal hydration, and even a plumping and smoothing effect.


This specific betaine acts on skin hydration in several ways. It has a humectant effect, to trap and hold moisture in the skin. It strengthens the skin's barrier function, to prevent moisture from evaporating. And finally, it helps to regulate the flow of water within the skin. It provides both immediate and long-lasting effects.

This natural substance is extracted from beetroot (non-GMO) then purified.


Cranberries are considered a superfood thanks to their high content of active molecules, which can be found in both food supplements and products applied to the skin. The fruit contains AHAs (malic acid, citric acid), with both antibacterial properties and keratolytic properties (removes dead cells from the skin surface). It also contains Vitamin C, with antioxidant and revitalizing benefits, and tannins (anthocyanins and catechins), with anti-free radical and astringent properties. All these benefits help to keep skin toned and protected.



We use a peptide that is an exact copy of one of the peptides we have in our body. We chose it for its ability to stimulate the skin's defence mechanisms, so it's better able to combat the damaging effects of ageing.

This extra-pure substance boosts the synthesis of collagen – a fibre protein that plays a key role in keeping the skin elastic and plump, and keeping lines and wrinkles away. This peptide also works to combat glycation – a process that causes skin fibres to become brittle and break.

A very powerful anti-ageing ingredient, it offers regenerating properties and a protective antioxidant effect.


This natural polymer acts on both the surface and at the heart of the skin, for a complete "youthful skin" effect. It creates a soft, interactive film on the skin, strengthening its protective barrier function. Beneath this film, the skin regenerates. This active ingredient acts like a repairing shield, making it perfect for damaged or lined skin, and also helps to fade blemish scars, making it good for acne-prone skin too.

It combats wrinkles by stimulating fibroblasts and the synthesis of pro-collagen, and also improves skin's texture.



This ingredient is a high molecular weight anionic polysaccharide obtained by biotechnology. It protects against the types of modern pollution that can speed up premature ageing, and forms a protective mesh on the surface of the skin that still lets it breathe. It traps fine particles and heavy metals (which are particularly harmful for the skin) and prevents them from penetrating the skin's surface.

In addition to this active film-forming effect, there's also a softening and soothing effect, so that skin feels comforted and ready to defend itself, even in the heart of the city. Perfect for anyone who wants to say goodbye to pollution-clogged skin.


This ingredient was developed to combat those signs of fatigue that many of us have to deal with every day. It aims to provide a comfortable lifting sensation, while nourishing the skin with revitalizing, softening and youth-boosting ingredients.

Specific fractions from two plants – chicory and Peruvian tara – were used to make this active ingredient. Chicory is often used in traditional medicine (a decoction made from its flowers soothes irritated eyes, while its root helps to prevent kidney stones), and it contains a wide variety of active molecules. We were interested in its oligosaccharides, which were combined with galactomannans (high molecular weight polysaccharides) extracted from tara to create a film-forming ingredient rich in benefits. The result is a lifting effect and soft, hydrated skin.  



Pomegranate has been used since ancient times (it's been found in offerings in Egyptian tombs). Throughout the world, it's used for its tannins, citric acid, and even as a dye! Fresh pomegranate juice makes an excellent antioxidant drink.

The pomegranate enzyme used in this formula gently and effectively exfoliates the skin. It contains chlorogenic acid, which has a soothing effect. By exfoliating the skin, it promotes cell renewal. Skin feels softer and looks more radiant.


Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). Just like other AHAs, it helps to shed dead skin cells, but it is less irritating than its cousins. It exfoliates very gently, without damaging the skin. In fact, some skin bacteria naturally produce lactic acid.

By regulating the skin's pH and helping to balance the microbiome, it has a soothing effect.

It leaves skin looking beautiful, with no signs of redness.

Product Tests
Effectiveness & Regulations

Our Purality products have been designed, manufactured and packaged in France.

Consequently, we follow European safety standards, which are probably the strictest in the world, enabling us to offer you products that can be used in complete confidence.

European authorities insist on cosmetic products that are safe and gentle on the skin; formulas that are developed with recognized and authorized ingredients; claims that can be proven; and a high level of transparency around the processes used to make the products.

Reminder: animal testing has been banned in Europe on both finished products (since 2004) and raw materials (since 2009). So you can rest assured that Purality products have not been tested on animals.  
All the tests that we talk about here have been conducted by independent laboratories.

Today, our products are sold in France and around the world.

A safe product is a gentle product

A patch test to ensure skin safety

To test skincare products such as our Purality products, the method involves applying a measured amount on a person's skin (10 volunteers), then placing an occlusive patch on top. The product remains in contact with the skin for 48 hours. The skin is examined both before application and after the 48 hours by a laboratory professional, who determines whether the skin is irritated and whether it has reacted negatively to the product, not at all, etc.

Only products that do not cause a negative reaction will be launched on the market.

Safety for the eyes

There are three official in vitro methods to test the safety of a product on the eyes.

In all cases, a specific amount of the tested product is introduced into a cell culture. The cells react immediately. If they survive, it indicates non-toxicity.

Again, this is a very specific protocol, and one that obliges manufacturers to design gentle formulas.

Genuine claims about effectiveness

In order to comply with European regulations, claims cannot be made about a product if they cannot be proven. Any claims about a skincare product must be approved by a laboratory (and not by a group of enthusiastic friends!).

        a. We conduct "use tests".

A panel of volunteers – usually made up of 20 people – applies a skincare product in a blind test. All volunteers must follow precise application instructions and use the product for a specific duration of time (we chose 4 weeks). After using the product (without any interaction with another skincare product) for the agreed period of time, these volunteers then provide transparent, honest answers to a questionnaire. The questionnaire is very precise, so it can be used to obtain percentages for the answers corresponding to the benefits the product is designed to provide. No promises can be made if the percentage is too low. It must be at least 70%! This in vivo use test is an excellent way to obtain sincere opinions and authentic feedback about users' experience of the product.

        b. Instrumental measurements – hydration

To confirm whether the product provides more than just a sensation of hydration, a "corneometry" test measures the water content in the stratum corneum based on the skin's electrical capacitance. The more water there is in the skin, the more easily a low-voltage electrical current passes through it. Measurements are taken from 10 volunteers, comparing a "control" skin surface (where no product has been applied) with another area of skin that has been hydrated with a Purality product. We chose to take the Corneometer measurements after 4 hours, so we could evaluate whether the product provided lasting hydration.

Information transparency

Any skincare product launch must be accompanied by the creation of a Product Information File. This file is kept by the person responsible for placing the cosmetic product on the market, and must be readily accessible to the regulatory authorities.

The Product Information File (or PIF) contains very precise information about the product, its formula, its ingredients (raw materials), how it is made, the results of tests conducted before, during and after production, documents relating to the manufacturing factory, its protocols, and even the packaging.

Nothing is left to chance. Every component, every operation, every packaging element is scrutinized.

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