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At the heart of Purality lies a groundbreaking new plant technology.

Our "Adapto-biotics Plant Technology",
(for which an innovation patent is pending) is based on the combination of plant stem cells from French rhodiola – a plant that lives in extreme conditions and adapts its defence system to the environment – with pre and probiotics, to ensure a stable and balanced skin microbiome.

Purality mimics the abilities of plants that are able to survive in some of the most hostile environments. Its aim?

To apply their extraordinary self-defence mechanisms to city skin, which is constantly under attack.

Purality products are developed within the framework of stringent Clean Beauty formulation guidelines. All our formulas contain over 95% natural ingredients.

We have created natural skincare products, packed with high-performance active ingredients derived from plants that are valued in biotechnology. Today's new green chemistry is precise, clean and effective. And our ingredients – just like our products – are pure, safe, and deliver results.

Discover high-performance skincare that's gentle on your skin.

The fusion of Nature and cutting-edge green chemistry techniques, for high-performance skincare that's kind to your skin and the planet.

The Microbiome

The microbiome: a precious, natural line of defence for the skin

Our Purality formulas work to maintain the balance of the skin microbiome. This community of "friendly" microorganisms (non-pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) lives on our skin and protects it against external aggressors. Good bacteria are called probiotics, and they feed on prebiotics.

It's only been in the last few years that the medical community has taken a close interest in microbiomes – whether they be of the skin, the respiratory tract, the intestines, etc. And every day, new powers are revealed.

When the skin's microbiome (also known as the cutaneous flora) is damaged, this can lead to inflammation and skin conditions (dermatitis, acne, etc.) and impede the skin's ability to act as a protective barrier. In a polluting or stressful environment, the skin is rapidly weakened.

Purality has chosen to restore balance to the skin microbiome, then nourish the skin with natural active ingredients that will be perfectly absorbed. We have filed an innovation patent for the solution we've developed to restore a balanced microbiome – the key to your skin's well-being.

A balanced microbiome is fundamental to flawless skin.
You can tell when the skin's microbiome is healthy and balanced.
The skin is beautiful, toned and radiant.

The "Adapto-biotics" patented ingredient

Following many years of fundamental research, we filed a patent to secure our research into the microbiome, extremophile plants, and our unique way of bringing these together.

Purality's « Adapto‑biotics Plant Technology » patent covers:
  • The choice of an extremophile plant – Rhodiola – with the aim of bio-assimilating its environmental defence system.
  • Our innovative combination of stem cells and pre and probiotics, for a stable and balanced microbiome.

Rhodiola stem cells naturally possess the energizing and invigorating properties of the plant. By using our patented technology, these powerful stem cells become "vectors" for the pre and probiotics, to act with precision.

The active ingredient that we have developed is derived from biotechnology – modern, precise and clean green chemistry.

We use rhodiola stem cells as they capture the very essence of the plant:
  • They contain the plant's genetic code.
  • They are an extremely pure, extremely active ingredient.
  • They carry the unequalled energizing properties of this plant.
  • They are obtained without harming nature, as we make copies of the isolated cells in the laboratory.

We give these cells pre and probiotics, which will balance the skin's microbiome. The powers of rhodiola are dramatically enhanced by this botanical-biotic combination.

The skin recognizes and "accepts" this 100% natural, living ingredient.
This biotechnological ingredient is at the heart of our RESET Essence.

Far from the mountain summits, where the air is clean and pure, our modern urban environment is polluted, stressful, and highly oxidizing. Purality mimics the abilities of plants that live in a hostile environment and gives these abilities to city skin, which is in a constant state of defence.

An exclusive, patented, scientific breakthrough.
A skin microbiome that can perform its protective role perfectly.
Skincare products whose effectiveness is boosted by our biotechnological ingredient, which works in affinity with the skin environment.
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